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Founded in 2018, The Gift Community (TGC) embarked on its journey after rebranding from Gift-A-Kurung. While Gift-A-Kurung will still be a signature annual event, TGC aims to reach out to the underprivileged, regardless of race, language and religion, with more events and projects. What sets TGC apart from the various other charity organisations is the events that are focused on spreading the spirit of gifting. TGC believes that giving gifts to one another adds a personal touch and makes the donation more thoughtful and genuine.

The Gift Community welcomes all youths and adults to join this journey. Other charity organisations are also welcomed to collaborate and plan events that can benefit our society. If you have something to contribute, just drop an email to: info@giftcommunity.sg today!

Meet Our Team

Nur Dayana Binte Mahiuddin


Hello! I am a 27-year-old with big dreams and a constant thirst for adventure. I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science. The short 3 years experience of being away from home led me to discover my inner strengths and develop my strong interest in community work. I took a break from my research career in 2016 and started The Gift Community (previously known as Gift-A-Kurung) with Maisurah while preparing to further my studies. It hasn’t been the wild adventure I would like to imagine but it has definitely been a rewarding experience. In my leisure time, I sometimes enjoy a quiet read but most of the time I enjoy the outdoors and traveling.

Siti Maisurah Binte Mokhsin


Hey there! I’m a petite 26-year-old who sees herself as an advocate for self-growth and betterment. Parallel to running The Gift Community (TGC) with Dayana, my career and passion lies in writing and sharing the things I’ve learnt from my personal experiences with others through my blog and Instagram account. The motivation behind starting TGC came from my experience as an international student in Australia, where I’d had plenty of opportunities to interact with needy groups from different backgrounds. Gift-A-Kurung was inspired by an encounter I had with a family of Rohingyan refugees coming from Malaysia, through a community project with Melburnian youths. I’m always looking forward to forge more bonds and create more meaningful interactions in life. My hope is for our initiative to inspire others to not just do good, but to step up efforts to send out quality and carefully thought gifts to those in need.

Siti Munirah Binte Mokhsin


Hi everyone! Munirah here, although I usually go by Nia for short. I am the secretary for The Gift Community and it is with great pleasure knowing that I can contribute my time and effort for such a wonderful cause. Volunteer work has always been in my best interests as I find joy in giving, or to simply lend a helping hand just to see others smile. Another thing I enjoy most is baking. It has been a passion of mine for years since I was young. It warms my heart knowing that people enjoy eating what I make, and I hope to be able to bring out my baking skills to win the hearts of many more. I am known to be a quite organised person in everything I do, even in baking, to be honest. Hence, I feel that having that trait as a secretary in TGC would allow me to hone my skills and hopefully help in bringing out the best of this community. Here’s praying for a smooth and fruitful journey for TGC!

Mohd Danial Bin Mohd Yunos


I am 26 year boy, working as a physiotherapist in a community hospital. Currently pursuing a degree in physiotherapy in Singapore Institute of Technology – Trinity College Dublin. I love travelling, meeting new people and immersing myself into the different cultures. I like to bring a smile on everyone’s faces and I truly believe happiness comes from giving.

Abdullah Luqman

Tech Leader

Hello, I am luqman, with a nickname that goes by Hamba Allah, as I appear to people whom I meet that need help. Am a simple person, but always bringing good vibes and happiness to people in my surrounding. With anything I do, I start with the intention #BismillahAndGo.

Khairul Akmal

Tech Assistant

I am Khairul Akmal. I’m a Digital Designer at MullenLowe Profero and living in Singapore with a huge dream. Keep on learning and finding something which can motivate you every single day – that will be success for you in the future.

Halimah Ibrahim

QI Leader

Hello everyone, I’m Halimah and I am the leader representing the Quality Inspectors Team. I have been volunteering at various organisations for more than 10 years in various positions ranging from a simple volunteer to a part of the organising team. Being in the clinical research background has taught me to be meticulous and detailed which hopefully will be useful to my role in The Gift Community. I am always curious about other cultures and languages and most of my hobbies reflect this. My hobbies includes watching Asian dramas (including but not limited to: Malay, Chinese, Thai and Korean), reading (English, Malay) and travelling. My hobbies provide an avenue for me to be exposed to different people’s perspective. I am excited to be in the TGC committee just as they are preparing to reach out to more communities both in and out of Singapore. I am especially excited for the events that TGC has mapped out for this year. Here’s wishing TGC a very fruitful year ahead!

Naimah Abdul Kader

QI Assistant

I have been in the working industry for 9 years; of which being the 2nd level IT Technical Support close to 8 years. I’m a straight talker and proactive person in nature. Prefer to spend time with family or go cycling during my spare time. I fell in love with volunteer work in 2014 with a group named ‘The Movement’. Currently a member of TGC and UsrahFillah.

Nur Khaleeda


I’m Khalee! I’m a special needs educator by day, and I also design for The Gift Community. I’m the mastermind to make sure that all the design collaterals are consistent and it puts the message across. Design is like life, we are consistently designing our next step, and if life takes a turning turn, we redesign, keep trying again and again.

Siti Atiqah Binte Buang

Social Media

Hi! I’m Atiqah, Creative Crew’s Social Media-in charge at The Gift Community. I’m passionate about Beauty & Skincare, Design and Social Media. I have worked as a Graphic Designer, Educator and Research Analyst before embarking on my own journey. Being in both creative and analytical field enforces me to use both of my creative-right and analytical-left brain to complete every task that I have. If I’m not busy painting other people’s faces as a Makeup Artist, I will be out and about running my own business. Makeup is an outlet for me to express my creativity and I love making people feel beautiful about themselves both internally and externally. I hope that by making them feel beautiful through Makeup, they will have the confidence to love themselves and to spread that love to others as well.

Nur Humaira Johari


Hi! I am Humaira, or just Maira for short. I am currently working as a technical support officer (or lab technician) in the R&D department of a local institution. I had graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with Diploma in Biomedical Sciences – Medical Technology. I have interest in both science and visual arts. Photography has been a hobby of mine since young and I have recently joined the analogue photography bandwagon. I believe that analogue is the most genuine way of learning photography, and teaches me to set things right from the start as every exposure counts. I have joined TGC to utilise my photography skills for a good cause, with a hope to capture meaningful moments and emotions – photos that tell stories.

Nur Iryan Juanis


I’m a reserved lady but an open book at the same time. I don’t speak much, only when necessary, but it’s no secret when it comes to the people I love and the things I have passion for. Other than my love for pretty dresses, I love learning about anything in general such as culture, cooking, architecture, environment, cars etc. I am always amped to try something new. Simply put, I would describe myself as the quiet girl with an adventurous and ever-so curious soul. Being a part of TGC, I hope people will recognise TGC as an organisation that is very diversified. I strongly believe that all lives matter, regardless of background, kind, colour or religion.

Hanafi Ekbal

Events Leader

A once young outdoor-enthusiast who seeks thrill and fun in high adrenaline activities now finds himself living by the principle of giving and never stop exploring (much like The North Face motto). I hold strong to the belief that life revolves around compassion and empathy, for your simple, random acts of kindness go a long long way!

Izzati Ismail

Events Assistant

Nuramirah Sari

Public Relations Officer

Hi, Im Nuramirah. I live by this quote “If it is not now, then when?” and I personally believe that by giving, you get happiness in return. So lets start gi(ft)ving!

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